Can Sleep Apnea be Cured?

Can Sleep Apnea be Cured

The truth is that no, sleep apnea can’t actually be cured, but it can definitely be treated and the problems associated with it can definitely be lessened. All you need to do is find the right product and that product does exist.

It’s just going to be up to you to figure out what works best for you because there are a variety of products out there that you can try. So can sleep apnea be cured?

No, but products like the Brain-Pad LoPro+ can definitely help you out as you’re working on to get that good night’s sleep.

The key to any good tool is for it to be affordable and easy to use. With a mouth guard, this is no problem because they’re simple to use and generally self-explanatory in regards on how to use them.

With this one also there’s no question of what you need to do and the process of using it properly is going to be simple enough while also providing a number of benefits to and your loved one’s sleeping habits as well. (Since we all know they’re being affected by these things too.)

Brain-Pad LoPro+



  • Designed to improve breathability
  • Can be worn over braces
  • Can be used with or without strap
  • Reduces teeth grinding and clenching
  • Includes case
  • Includes dental warranty


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes in three colors
  • Moldable to fit your bite
  • Easy to customize
  • Ideal for sports activities as well
  • Slim size and shape
  • Aligns jaw easily


  • Only one piece for top and bottom
  • Puts pressure on gums
  • Boiling needs to be done just right to get proper fit
  • Unit is slightly large for some
  • Does not allow jaw movement


The Brain-Pad is designed to protect the teeth and jaw from impact during low-impact sporting activities but is designed in a way that allows those with sleep problems to use it as well. 

.It has a one piece form that can be molded to fit your mouth and also allows air through.

This makes it work well for sporting because even when the teeth are clenched it keeps them from grinding together. When it comes to sleep apnea the unit keeps the teeth apart and provides a small opening in the center that allows for breathing.

Made in three different colors, you can use this unit for a variety of different purposes and also don’t have to worry about it slipping or sliding.

This is one of the drawbacks that have been mentioned because it does not allow for movement of the jaw, however it’s also important for overall usage if you are trying to keep yourself from grinding your teeth or losing that gap in the center that allows for better breathing throughout the night.

The Brain-Pad unit also includes a warranty and an anti-microbial case to keep it protected when not in use.

Possible Alternatives

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, SnoreDoc is a great method of relieving sleep apnea and also eliminating snoring and teeth grinding. 

It uses a small bulb that is placed inside the mouth and suctioned to the tongue, therefore clearing the airway and then provides plenty of space to keep the teeth apart and still get air in and out of the airway without problem.

The Intelliguard Pro is a more expensive option that is designed in separate pieces that connects in your choice of configurations.

This allows the jaw to move more freely and allows you to decide how far open you want your mouth to be during sleep. This way it’s designed to work for those with sleep apnea as well as other problems.

One final option is mouth props. These are simple to use and inexpensive to buy but they are generally not good for long term use or use throughout the night as the pieces are small.

These simply fit in the corners of the mouth and keep it open to ensure that there are no obstructions when breathing. They are not fitted however and only stay as long as you continue to clench them with your teeth.


Overall, the Brain-Pad seems better designed for use as a sports tool than as a snoring or sleep apnea tool, but it definitely provides some benefits. It can be fit directly to your mouth so that it holds steady throughout the night.

It also ensures that the mouth stays open slightly and therefore that the airway remains clear. For those looking at a simple device to treat mild sleep apnea or snoring this may be a good device, however it might not be as good for those with more severe forms of sleep apnea.

Since it only has one piece, there’s the problem of no jaw movement being allowed as the top and bottom teeth stay together at all times. It is inexpensive and allows for a good fit for most by retaining a smaller profile than other mouth guards.

It also has good material, which makes it long-lasting but replacements overtime is still necessary. This piece is designed to protect the teeth and gums and it does that job very well. So, can sleep apnea be cured? Maybe not, but there’s plenty ways you can do to reduce it.


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