Enjoyable Ways To Stop Your Partner Snoring

Enjoyable Ways To Stop Your Partner Snoring

When I say “Enjoyable” ways, I’m referring to satisfying, enjoyable ways for you to stop your partner snoring. They might not be so enjoyable for them if things don’t work out.

While this list might be a bit of fun and humor, there are some truths based on my suggestions, and at the end of the article, I’ll throw you my number one recommendation.

I know how frustrating it can be when your partner snores like crazy, so I wanted to add a bit of light humor to the situation.

Suggestion Number One: Squeeze Their Nose

Most snorers are snoring through their mouth, but many still do it as a result of blocked airways in the nose as well. Giving it a squeeze, forcing their breathing to change can often interrupt their snoring.

It might wake them up as well, which should give you a couple of minutes to try and beat them to sleep.

In most cases, it will just give you a bit of a giggle as you hear them splutter and wonder what happened. Chances are though, they’ll fall asleep again soon and the snoring will often resume.

Number Two: A Kick

This isn’t purely a satisfying “revenge” approach, although kicking somebody who is snoring is definitely one of the most rewarding things to try.

Snoring is often a result of sleeping position, so if the kick will cause them to turn over onto their side or interrupt their breathing pattern, then it’s job done.

Just shrug when they wonder about the bruising the next day.

Number Three: A Sudden Shock

Horns, Screams, Sudden *Earthquakes*. There are plenty of different amusing excuses you can come up with to suddenly wake them up. It’s a bit cruel and some people need their sleep, so only save this for those times when you are really frustrated.

If things go well, the shock will keep them awake longer than you, and you can get back to sleep once it’s turned out to be a false alarm.

The Real Recommended Method: Prevention.

While my methods above are more for “how to mess with a snorer”, I really want to say that the best thing to do to deal with snoring is to prevent it before it happens.

Snoring is mostly a breathing issue, caused by the wrong posture, or blocked airways, so the best way to prevent it, is to practice some breathing exercises before going to sleep.

Learn all about breathing exercises here.

What about you? What’s the worst you’ve done to take out frustration on a snorer?


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