Four Stop Snoring Remedies Under $25

Four Stop Snoring Remedies Under $25

When you or someone you sleep around snores, it poses a serious challenge to getting a good night’s sleep. Since good sleep is such a necessary part of healthy and happy living, you need an effective remedy that’s easy to adapt to, and one that won’t cost a small fortune.

Here are four quick ideas to help for less money than you might expect.

A Few Extra Pillows

Raising your head by a couple of inches can make a world of difference with your airway passages, thus a few extra pillows are one of the most popular stop snoring remedies, not to mention comfortable.

Start with one or two, and experiment with their positions. Prop your head up enough so that the back of your throat remains open, rather than collapsing some like it will with your head level to your body.

Oral Devices

While your dentist can equip you with a mouth guard that will run you well over $500, there are over-the-counter stop snoring remedies that fit on your teeth proven to be about 90 percent effective against snoring.

They sit snug in your mouth and force the lower jaw to stay forward, keeping the throat open to minimize the sound effects. Most need to be boiled first, in order to mold to the shape of your teeth, but that’s a small price to pay for relief from persistent snoring.

A Bedside Humidifier

Congestion is a primary cause of snoring because when your airways are blocked, strange sounds ensue when you breathe. A humidifier works to reduce blockage by helping your sinuses to drain, which minimizes the mucous in your air passages.

Humidifiers can make breathing healthier for anybody, not just those searching for stop snoring remedies. Also, using a vapor rub in coordination with a humidifier can be even more effective.

Nasal Strips

In the absence of sinus conditions, many people can attribute their snoring to closing nasal passages. Simply a consequence of lying down and reaching a full state of relaxation, impaired nasal passages are easily remedied with strips.

Simply tape one over the bridge of your nose, and it should keep the passage sufficiently open to reduce or even eliminate snoring completely.

When something works to eliminate your snoring or the slumber sounds someone else around you makes, it’s practically priceless. Fortunately, though, you can accomplish your goal of getting a good night’s sleep without the cost keeping you up!


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