The Best of New Sleep Apnea Treatments

The Best of New Sleep Apnea Treatments

Treating sleep apnea doesn’t need to be a difficult experience. You should be able to get a good night’s sleep without having to spend a lot of time and effort going through different products and devices. 

That’s why you would want to take a look at the new sleep apnea treatments that are out there.

Of course, there are plenty of things to choose from, but some of the tried and true methods including varying types of face masks. These face mask allow you to get all the air you need and make sure that you don’t lose the device in the middle of the night.

Masks have come a long way since their origination and have definitely changed a great deal, becoming more comfortable and a lot easier to use.

The Fisher & Paykel Simplus mask is designed to help you get the air you need while also allowing you to sleep and move freely.

It’s a full mask that attaches easily to your CPAP machine through the hose. With this mask, all you have to do is slip it on and you’re ready to go for the rest of the night, which means there’s no ‘learning curve’ where you still need to figure out how to make it work.

Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask Headgear



  • Includes full face mask and connector
  • Uses air diffuser for silent operation
  • Comes in three sizes for a better fit
  • Uses Eson nasal mask design
  • Uses RollFit Seal
  • Uses ErgoForm Headgear
  • Headgear uses easy to use Velcro straps


  • Designed to fit any CPAP machine
  • Comfortable to wear long-term
  • Connects around head with two straps
  • No leaks while using
  • Doesn’t leave marks on the face
  • Easy to sleep
  • Ball socket connector for easier movement


  • Difficult to speak while wearing
  • Allows mouth breathing which may case mouth dryness
  • If mask slips it causes air to leak into the eyes
  • Covers the whole face
  • A little heavy while using


This unit does not use complete headgear and instead uses a strap around the head that is softer and easier to attach with Velcro and elastic. It also covers the entire face rather than just the mouth or nose and therefore provides for anyone who breathes either way or even both.

It comes in different sizes to provide a better fit and is moderately priced for each size. The hose connects it easily to any type of CPAP machine to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep and also less trouble with breathing overall.

It’s designed with a ball socket connector which allows the hose to move about freely, however, the unit itself is a little heavy on the face. Still, this does not leave marks on the nose or under the elastic bands and also doesn’t slip often.

When it does slip, it can allow air to leak over the face and into the eyes, which may cause dryness. For some the full-face cover is a benefit and for some it is a drawback but overall it is a well-known aspect of the unit before it is purchased.

New Sleep Apnea Treatments Alternatives

One of the best alternatives is a specially made mask designed for you by your doctor or specialist. These masks are extremely expensive but are designed to fit you specifically. 

This means that the masks are generally better suited for your needs and abilities. On the other hand, you’ll pay a lot more for it and this is not always worth the added benefits.

A slightly less expensive option is the Sleepnet Verasealz which is also a full face mask that comes in different sizes. This one attaches with less comfortable elastic bands but still straps around the head and around the back of the head.

It uses AirGel for comfort and has a specialty elbow connector to make movement possible but not as smooth as the Simplus.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a mask that covers only the nose the Sleepnet iQBlue is a great option since it is not overly expensive and it provides an elbow connector that attaches the hose over the top of the head.

It doesn’t have the same freedom of movement but it does allow for easy molding to your face. This allows for less leaking of air over the face but does not let you breathe through the mouth with your CPAP machine.


All-in-all the Fisher & Paykel Simplus mask seems like a well-rounded product that provides just what it says. It’s one of the new sleep apnea treatments available and the full face cover is great for many as it allows for breathing through either the nose or the mouth. This keeps the mask firmly in place on most occasions.

It is possible that the mask could slip and air could escape but even in these instances it provides easy breathing and does not interfere with the machine itself.

The downside would be air leaking over the face and into the eyes which may cause it to dry, and since it allows you to breathe through the mouth, it may dry as well.

With the moderate price, it makes a great piece for most people and does seem to be an excellent alternative to expensive options. Not only that, but it seems to provide a higher quality seal than most products and has a comfortable fit.

This ensures that it’s used correctly as well as being better for getting a good night’s sleep. It uses RollFit auto-adjustment to make sure that the fit is unique to your face and needs, and it also has an air diffuser to make for a quiet running process.


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