Best Dental Appliance For Sleep Apnea – 2017 Review

The Right Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance For You

Those who suffer from sleep apnea knows just how frustrating it can be and just how detrimental it is to our daily lives. 

That’s why it’s important to find something that will help you get the sleep you need and also reduce the amount of discomfort you put on your special someone.

A sleep apnea dental appliance, Pro-Adjustable Bruxism Mouthpiece, is designed to let you breathe better and stop snoring, thus providing a better night’s sleep for everyone in your household. After all, no one wants to spend the night listening to someone snoring.

So we’ll talk about why this particular mouthpiece is the one that you’ll want to check out and that’s mainly going to focus around very important aspects like how it works, what you have to do to make it as effective as possible, and why it’s better than the other options you can choose from.

After all, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on something that’s not going to be worth it in the end, right?

So take a minute to check it out and see what this sleep apnea dental appliance has to offer for you (and for the rest of your family as well).

Adjustable Mouthpiece Mouth Guard Sleep Aid Cure Bruxism Eliminator



  • Made with thermoplastic
  • Weighs less than 0.3 ounces
  • Mold to fit
  • 10 settings for different spacing
  • Easy-to-read measurements for spacing


  • Easily moldable to your specific bite
  • 10 different settings for spacing
  • Precision locks to the setting you want
  • Inexpensive compared to alternatives
  • High quality thermoplastic material, works even with grinding
  • Works for snoring and sleep apnea
  • Mouth guard keeps the mouth open and has vents for easy breathing


  • Difficult to read ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ when boiling to set mold
  • Oversized for some users
  • Lower piece can adjust and slip through the night
  • Puts some pressure on the teeth/gums
  • Can make the mouth sore for the first couple weeks while using
  • Results in dry mouth


A typical mouth guard comes in one size and shape and you just have to put it in your mouth and deal with it. 

But if you’ve ever had braces you know that those mouth guards are designed to fit the shape of your teeth. That’s the way this one works.

When you first get it in the box, it’s flat all the way around, but you can get it ready by putting it in boiling water to soften it up, and biting down to imprint your teeth.

That way you can get a great fit and you’ll be able to calibrate it exactly where you want it for the best effect.

In order to help with sleep apnea, you can change the settings to different open sizes to provide a more relaxed and open airway. This helps reduce the problem of snoring as well and it provides a more comfortable design and fit than other similar devices which will be mentioned below.

Though it can provide a little bit of excess pressure on the teeth, it does seem to do the trick when it comes to lessen snoring and it’s made from quality materials that are perfectly safe to use in your mouth.

Possible Alternatives in Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances

Coming in at a much lower price is the Serenity Sleep Aid Mouth Guard which is also custom moldable to your bite needs.

It is only one piece which means it can’t be adjusted and fits only the way you mold it, meaning it won’t work for your breathing unless you adjust your bite during the molding process.

The Tranquility Professional Bruxism Night Guard is another option that is nearly identical to the Pro-Adjustable but for a slightly lower price.

It also has many of the same features but a slightly different fit and thick frame that can make it a little awkward to use. Still, it has a lot of the other features and abilities for a very similar price tag.

The final option is a custom-made unit which is designed to reduce sleep apnea symptoms as well as lessening snoring and teeth grinding. These custom options are generally much more expensive and could cost several thousand dollars.

Though they are molded to fit your teeth exactly, they generally don’t fit much better than options that can be self-molded such as this one and others available ‘over the counter.’


Overall, this mouthpiece definitely seems to work well and provide a good amount of air flow through the mouth while sleeping.

This can reduce sleep apnea breathing related problems as well as snoring. The material and design means you won’t have any problem with teeth grinding either.

It has the ability to reduce all these aspects quickly, within the very first night that you use it. Though it may cause some tension and pressure in the teeth, gums and jaw over the first couple weeks, this seems to go away with a little bit of time.

Though there are other options and there are a couple drawbacks with this product, it seems like it’s a good investment considering that a custom-made option will cost thousands of dollars unlike this one that is much less expensive.

Overall, it seems that this has some benefits and it does resolve the problems that it claims to and a few more. It’s designed for snoring and sleep apnea but if you’re a teeth grinder, it’s going to help with that as well.

So all-in-all it has a good balance of function.


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